Street Fighter 4

74Many fans worry about the future of 2D fighting games. 2D fighting games have evolved in popularity since the appearance of amazing games such as GTA and Metal Gear Solid.

(But Capcom knows what fighting gamers want by publishing Street Fighter 4)

Street Fighter is back, with new graphics, new combos, new characters, and much more that will get the fans exited.


The story takes place after SF 2. Each character has his/her own rival. Example, Guile once again will fight against Bison and Ken gets a new rival named Rufus.


It’s all about how to defeat your opponent. Not much changed from previous series, you can defeat your opponent by using mild, medium and strong punch/kick button.

In this game Capcom has added new extra combos, focus attacks and ultra combos.

*Focus attacks

If successful, you can drop your opponent to the ground by using this powerful attack.

*Ultra combos

If your rage meter (located near the life bar) is full, you can unleash a very powerful combo that can kill your opponent in a second.

New Characters

Beside old characters such as Ken, and Ryu, Capcom has added some new playable characters:

-Crimson Viper the secret agent.
-Lucha libre.
-Rufus, Ken’s new rival.
-Able, a martial artist from france.
-Seth, the new boss in this game.


*This game has great sound, from Chun li’s hurricane kick to Ryu’s dragon punch.

*The music is pretty good and suits perfectly into the game.

Buy or Rent

As a Street Fighter fans, you must buy this game.

Enjoy The Thrilling Monster Jam

73Monster Jam is a massive event that contains colossal truck racing each other and also some freestyle events as well. They are organized generally in grand stadiums of U.S and Europe but its finale is held in Les Vegas. The Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam is America’s most popular game that has grabbed the attention of million audiences. Above 4 million viewers gather at several venues to feel the thrill of these amazing racing trucks.

These adventures Monster Trucks races are always a good source of entertainment as reflected by the weird names of the massive vehicles as Maximum Destruction, Grave Digger, Monster Mutt, Blue Thunder and Bounty Hunter. These racing trucks contain eye catching color paints that keeps the eyes locked on the track of all present audience. The average track of this adventurous race is constructed in a stadium uses 700 cubic yards of grim while an arena uses 3500 cubic yards. You can know more about this foolhardy competition race that how risky to cross the trucks side by side and can dazzle yourself with each next moment. Feel the crisp of true entertainment by grasping Monster Jam Tickets quickly.

A Monster Jam event is the biggest auto entertainment of the country that is held annually. An awesome Monster Jam Schedulehas beencontributed among its fans so they can remain update themselves with the latest info. Monster Jam is the biggest touring monster truck venture that has smashing record. Audiences eager to watch these racing trucks and feel an amazing excitement. If you are diehard fans of Monster Jam then quickly become an eye witness of this magical track and roars of engines by snatching Monster Jam Tickets. You will have an outstanding glance in this competition. There are two kinds of this competition freestyle and racing. In racing competition trucks are driven through a route side by side. The truck which crosses the ending line 1st and has limited penalties is declared winner. In free style the drivers have restriction on time.

Grave Digger is an important name among the monster trucks all time that was formed in 1981 by superstar Dennis Anderson. Currently 6 Grave Digger trucks are participating in Monster Jam containing cost over $250,000 to build. $100,000 is required for its spare parts. These gigantic trucks are approximately 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall having weight of 10,000 pounds. Their tires are 66 inches high. The most acknowledgeable thing about these trucks is that its drivers usually sit in between the vehicle to maintain balance and their visibility. Their necks and heads are fastened with devices in order to provide them protection. Although Monster Jam racing is not a child’s play yet its players always play with fire just to entertain their fans.

If you are addicted to Monster jam then hurry up and hold up your Monster Jam Tickets. Because just a few seats are left and no one knows when they will be vanished. So, be ready to attend the brilliant and massive truck racing.

Monster Galaxy The Zodiac Islands Review

72For those who really love the Pokemon character and game, then you may want to check out Monster Galaxy The Zodiac Islands on your current Android or iOS-powered smartphone. This game has been well-liked by the iOS and Facebook platform users and now this game is ready to download for the Android phone. The developer stated that the game has the new standard and also remarkable visuals for the Android handset.

By playing Monster Galaxy The Zodiac Islands game, the players are able to experience the interesting role-playing game where they can battle and capture a lot of wild monsters. When the first time you open up this app, you’ll be required to choose between a female and male avatar to represent yourself in this game. Also, you have to pick your very first Moga (Moga is a number of animals which you can collect, train and battle throughout this game). As a matter of fact, the Moga comes with identical names as Pokemon and the way you catch and grow the Moga is really identical with Pokemon too.

You’re able to opt for the Three starting mogas which include Corgito, Birdrodent and Edgehog. Corgito is actually a dog with wings strapped to its back and since it is the most fragile moga therefore it costs nothing. Birdrodent is way better than Corgito both offensively and defensively. But to obtain this moga, you need to pay $0.99 of actual money. The last moga, Edgehog, is basically the most powerful in both offense and defense, but consequently it will cost you $4.99. Immediately after you have selected your own character and moga, then you are able to start out your journey in this game.

You may experience that almost all of your time when playing this game is going to be spent battling other mogas. Every single quest will require you to either defeat some mogas in battle or even to catch them. The combats in this game are similar with Pokemon. The players will be given four seconds to complete their move. Then, they can strike enemies by tapping the attack meter at the perfect time to get the lethal attack.

If you choose to obtain and set up this app on your Android phone, you can simply look for the game in Play Market. The game is free to download and it will require Android 1.6 (Donuts) or higher. For the iOS-based handset, this game is available to download in App Store without charge. The game will require at least iOS 4.0 or it is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

In summary, the Monster Galaxy The Zodiac Islands provides a very stimulating gameplay together with the quite hilarious and enjoyable game story specifically for the Pokemon fans. Additionally, the game has many mogas to collect, lots of islands to discover, the vibrant and colorful visuals together with the wonderful monster designs. On the contrary, the game comes with several disadvantages namely the inability to past the second island without having to spend the real money, it includes the linear progression and simplified combat and you will experience that the rare creatures are simply too difficult to collect.

Dark Avenger – New Dungeon Adventure Game For iOS

71Dungeon crawler or adventure game turn out to be the most favourite for mobile platform lately, as an example you might know Dungeon Hunter 4 provided by Gameloft. Dungeon Hunter is the most recent franchise by Gameloft that contain a fun gameplay and action for your smartphone. This time, one of several major developers for mobile platform Game Evil Inch launches a free version of this kind of title “Dark Avenger”. Sticking with the same gameplay and feature, Dark Avenger present you with a incredible graphic on mobile platform, free to play aspect, as well as hack and slash battle where you can kill lots of monster to obtain treasure and item. Let’s find out how much the game is offering beneath.

Game play

The gameplay is hack and slash action, in which you are going to deal with a dark force in the dungeon and get rid of it using your strength in order to save everyone. The control really quite simple, you will have a virtual button to the left to move around, and strike plus skill key on the right to kill the opponent. The interface displayed so well and simple, typical health and mana bar in the left together with other stuff like map and such to the right. The control is great and responsive it is easy to move and get rid of the enemies with a single tap. You’ll discover treasure inside your journey as well as a better items to use, after you have enough material and item you’ll be able to craft your own equipment and enchanted it with a lot more powerful attribute. There are numerous modes you could play with for example single player, time attack, multiplayer and the unique infinity tower mode.


The graphic is without doubt pretty amazing for the mobile game, with an excellent animation, lighting effect and 3D model the game became one of the title with the console quality on the market. You will see a lot of different equipment, enemies, and also level design that can impress you on your adventure. The movements attack is sweet and smooth, the spell effects and healing effect is great. If you want to try this game ensure your smartphone comes with the required specification to enjoy the complete capability.


The game well worth the download, offering top-notch graphic and experience this game can make all RPG and adventure fans satisfied. While the gameplay is nothing original and the music is not too attractive but this game has a quite excellent feature for you. With only 50.6 mb you can get the game free of charge on i-Tunes.

Monster Meltdown

70You can find a lot of well known title on mobile device which uses puzzle being the main game play lately, for example who dont know angry bird, the most famous mobile games these days. Well if you need a different kind of games in which you accomplish a challenging puzzle together with physic based system like angry bird, probably Monster Meltdown is exactly what you might be hunting for. The game expect you to think very carefully plus test your reflect and timing for certain, what’s more also you will see a lots of adorable monster and character. Let’s check out what the game provides under


When you first checked out this game, you’ll fall in love with the graphic with its simple, smooth, beautiful together with bright color area. This game tells a storyline about Russian janitor at a science lab name Yuri, someday all monsters inside the lab somehow escape and spread out across the place. However monster simply can’t survive on their own outside their cage so that your job is to get and gather this monster returning to its safest location. You will complete in 80 puzzling yet engaging level with a lot of cute monster that you must obtain. You won’t get any weapon except talent, skill, along with your teleporter suit.

The control is quite straightforward, you can move by swiping around the screen and make use of your teleporter ability, but be cautious though since you can’t move pass the wall, something that have shadow, not to mention some of hurdle which will kill you and the monster. This barrier like tricky trap, electricity, plus much more, you have to save all of the monsters not merely from harmful surrounding also off their own stupidity since they will definitely helplessly run to trap, edge, not to mention kill themself using any way they will think of. This may cause your mission quite tough and you must be cautious as well as find a correct timing where you’ll want to go.

The objective is to guide the monster proceed through a portal, when the monster hit a wall or move on a object which block their way they’ll change their direction, like herding sheep. There is bonus coin to pick up in each level, all you need to do is lead the monster to it. Once the monster gets to the portal you get stars according to your score. Better star you get, it’s mean you complete the level perfectly. If you’d like to check out this game you’ll be able to get it on i-tunes for $1.99.